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Your Whitelist is the group of accounts that are safe from being affected by our process. Before we begin working on your account, we import your current following list to your Whitelist to ensure that those accounts do not get unfollowed through our process.

User Profile Filters  

User Profile Filters are a group of specific parameters we use to exclude unwanted accounts from our process. Some of the filters we use are as follows: 
* Profile Picture
    * Exclude users with no profile picture
* Post Limit
    * Exclude users who have not posted a minimum number of posts
* Follower Limit
    * Exclude users based on the number of followers they have
* Following Limit
    * Exclude users based on the number of accounts they are following
When used in conjunction, these user profile filters are a powerful method of removing bot/spammy accounts from our targeting.

Gender/Business Targeting

Gender/Business Targeting is a separate parameter that we use to to target certain genders or other business accounts on Instagram. This setting is useful for businesses using Instagram growth.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting is a feature Elite Marketing offers to show our clients live real-time updates on powerful analytics about their growth such as:

  • Top Engagers List (a list of people who like and comment on your photos the most)
  • Who we are targeting for you
  • A dashboard that features past and estimated growth
  • A day-by-day breakdown of how many followers your account has received
  • and a few more dynamic features that can really help you to navigate the direction of your account and how to get the best results.

Account Audit

An Account Audit is a report that an expert on our team puts together that has information on where you can tweak certain aspects on your account to really get the best results and have an expert strategy that can help to 10X your results. 

Direct Message Service

Our automated direct messaging system allows you to send a predefined message to new users who choose to follow your account. This messaging system is a great way to greet your new followers or encourage them to take a specific action, such as reading your latest blog post or purchasing your product. 

Dedicated Account Manager

Each package includes this Elite feature that sets us apart from our competition. We assign a Dedicated Account Manager to each account to hand craft their growth and strategy.

The reason this is so helpful versus out competitors is because the account manager will be performing tasks with a human touch versus bots that perform more randomly. Tasks such as: 

  • Deep researching your niche and finding 20-30 source accounts that find you the most raving fans for you and your brand
  • Weekly optimizing to make sure your account is always performing the best
  • And most importantly and uniquely, you have someone that you can text, call or email at anytime in the day with any question about your Instagram. Whether it be to change the direction of your growth or targeting, advice on what to post, the best times to post, or even some technical questions.

All of our account managers are trained experts on the Instagram platform and we are proud to host them at Elite Marketing ot service our clients with top notch care and proficiency. 


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